Another Use for Self-Publishing


I have often used self-publishing on sites like to finalize my children’s books. Children’s books are very specialized. Writing a manuscript is a different experience from writing and designing the actual book. A children’s book has illustrations (I do my own), a particular format, definite page breaks, etc.  Using a self-publishing company with POD capabilities like Blurb, allows me to see how all these factors work together. I can see how the illustrations work with the text, whether or not I have 32 pages for a picture book, does the story follow logically, is the font size correct for the page size, how does the book look visually as well as how it reads, and do the illustrations print correctly in terms of color and saturation. Often, I will order a copy and see how it looks, and then I know what corrections are needed.   My current publisher, Oak Tree Press, uses my illustrations and book designs.  Even if I were to use a publisher that would hire an illustrator and editor, I think I would still go through this process. Basically, I want to see how my book might look in print.


About berylreichenberg

I am a storyteller. Writing and illustrating books for children, I have published over 35 titles. Three of my books, "Ants on a Log", "Camouflage", and "The Mysterious Case of the Missing Birthday Cake" have been published by a traditional publisher, Oak Tree Press. These are available from Oak Tree and Amazon as well as other outlets. The others are published by and can be seen on their website. Some of my stories are in prose and some in verse. All are designed for small children and young school children. My fiction stories are designed to delight these children and help them learn about themselves and the world around them. I also have a number of nonfiction books about animals, the natural world, and other cultures. I illustrate my stories with drawings and photographs. I hold a Master's Degree from UCLA and have taught school in California. I hope that young children and their adult companions will enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them.

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