Monthly Archives: November 2012

Chaucer’s Books and Curious Cup Now Carry my Children’s Books


Two new book stores in Central California now carry my books for young children. Chaucer’s Books in Santa Barbara at 3321State Street and the Curious Cup at 929 Linden in Carpinteria now have copies of my three published books: “Ants on a Log”, “The Mysterious Case of the Missing Birthday Cake” and “Camouflage”.  In the neighborhood, drop by and visit these book stores. 


New Children’s Book Now Available

Standard now carries my new children’s book, “African Animals in the Wild”. Written for early readers as well as small children, this book has photographs of various African animals in their wild habitats along with a bit of information about the animals in verse.

Marketing my Children’s Books


I have found marketing a challenge for my children’s books, and I wonder if other writers have had similar problems. I have a Facebook page and a website. I am on Linkedin and I blog. Yet it seems the most productive marketing tool are my two feet. I have been most successful by approaching bookstores, toy stores, children’s shops, gift shops, etc. to see if they will take my books or let me do a book signing.  Some will take them outright and some on consignment. I have also had some success with visiting classrooms but mostly through recommendations by friends. Are there other writers out there who have other suggestions for marketing? I’d like to hear your ideas. Thanks, Beryl