Interview, video and much more

Interview, video and much more

How do I go about writing my children’s picture books? What are the inspirations for my stories? What tips do I have for those who self-publish? What has been my experience with publishing with a publisher and self-publishing? Where can you find my books on the web? These questions and much more are answered on Earl Robert’s website as he interviews me. Visit for the full interview, a video and URLs where my books may be purchased.

Earl and I have exchanged comments from time to time over the past year on Linkedin. He is is a moderator of a children’s book group, Treasure Island. I have always found his comments insightful and illuminating. He is a true professional and generous with his expertise. I am delighted to have this spot on his website.


About berylreichenberg

I am a storyteller. Writing and illustrating books for children, I have published over 35 titles. Three of my books, "Ants on a Log", "Camouflage", and "The Mysterious Case of the Missing Birthday Cake" have been published by a traditional publisher, Oak Tree Press. These are available from Oak Tree and Amazon as well as other outlets. The others are published by and can be seen on their website. Some of my stories are in prose and some in verse. All are designed for small children and young school children. My fiction stories are designed to delight these children and help them learn about themselves and the world around them. I also have a number of nonfiction books about animals, the natural world, and other cultures. I illustrate my stories with drawings and photographs. I hold a Master's Degree from UCLA and have taught school in California. I hope that young children and their adult companions will enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them.

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