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Marketing Delight


The long road of marketinHopping ft cover 4x4 92g does have some delightful moments. Today I received a thank you note from Los Ranchos Elementary School Library, where I read one of my books to a second grade class. Included was a photo of the event and a note from the school librarian. It was signed by all the kids.

I’m not sure who had the most fun or learned the most from this experience: me or the second graders. I read my book “Hopping to the Moon” and was amazed with how much they knew about the Moon, gravity and outer space in general. We talked about what to expect on the Moon, how they might write their own story about going there and how other animals (kangaroos) might visit. We had a lively discussion.

Most of the children were there to check out books, but a few came by the table where I had my books piled. I was interested to see what stories the kids chose. Was it based on the subject matter (butterflies) or the covers? One little boy was so enthusiastic about “Camouflage” when he found that he could find all the animals hiding in the wild, he wanted to show the whole class. I ended up donating that book and two others to the school. As I left, I gave each child my brochure. Hopefully they took my brochures home, and I’ll be asked to return to the school for another event.


Review of “When Matilda Made Time Stand Still”


Cindy Ladage has written a delightful children’s picture book, “When Matilda Made Time Stand Still.” When Matilda wants to continue to play and her mother tries to get her to go for a nap, Matilda inadvertently breaks her mother’s watch and time stands still. The little girl is happy to continue with her tea party and playing with her dolls until she herself becomes sleepy and worries that she doesn’t know how to get time to start again. Finally, she falls asleep. I won’t tell you the end, you’ll have to read this story. But I will tell you it ends happily.

Ladage’s book is illustrated by photographs, providing a sense of realism to the story. It is for children and adults alike who often wish time would stop so we could continue doing what we like to do and makes a good bedtime story.

Her book is recently published by Oak Tree Press as part of their Acorn editions for children. As an Oak Tree Press children’s author, I highly recommend this story for young children. Beryl Reichenberg author​

Independent Bookstore Reopens


In this day of fierce competition among bookstores and closing of some independent stores, it is heartening to see an independent bookstore reopen. The Curious Cup of Carpinteria, once downtown and then merged with a toy story, has reopened it’s doors in a new Carpinteria, CA. location. A small space near The Market Place eatery at 3817 l/2 Santa Claus Lane, it is only open Thursday to Saturday from 10AM to 6PM and on Sunday from 10AM to 5 PM.

I visited Kiona’s new space last weekend and delivered some of my children’s books. I’ll be doing an event there on Saturday, June 6. Phone Kiona at 404-396-7008 for more information.

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