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A Small Step in a Long Process

A baby possum falls from his mother's back. How does he reunite with her?

A Children’s Picture Book – ages up to 8

My new children’s picture book, Lost in a Dark Forest, was finally sent to a publisher and I should receive a proof copy in a week. This is but a small step in the long process of writing, illustrating and publishing a book. Converting my files into PDF and emailing them was one of the last steps that started months ago when I began to write my story.

The idea for the story came from a friend of mine, who was caring for baby possums that fell off their mother’s back and were rescued. The story grew, after many revisions. Originally I titled it, Lost and Found, but decided on the present title as more appropriate. The main thrust of the story remained intact throughout the revision process. But I struggled with the illustrations and read and reread the story numerous times. Finally I changed the wording, put the story in the present tense and revised some of the sentence structure.

At times, I became sick of the whole process and had to put the story aside and work on other ideas. But alas, it is finally finished. Well, not finished. I still need to review the proof and see how the illustrations print. I know I have to fix at least one mistake I’ve noticed so far. There may be other mistakes or changes I’ll need to make as I look at the proof. I hope to have it out for sale soon.


Kids, Kids Every Where


Children’s Day in the Plaza in San Luis Obispo was a success Saturday with moms and dads and grandparents and of course kids enjoying the sun and the fun. I was at the Whiz Kids Toy Store booth making bookmarks with the kids. They liked the bright colored paper, punches, pens and markers as they made their bookmarks and decorated them.


I had my usual display of my own children’s books and one little girl recognized a book that she had, Butterfly Girls. She even remembered me coming to her school to read one of my other books, Hopping to the Moon. I collected some email addresses for my monthly newsletter to let parents know when I am conducting more paper craft and bookmaking classes for kids. I wasn’t allowed to sell my books, but passed out brochures and hopefully some of those who took them will make their way to Whiz Kids or one of my other sales outlets and buy my picture books.

Hopping ft cover 4x4 92

Whiz Kids Toy Store gave away gifts and had word puzzles for the kids. I was pleased to be sharing their booth. Children’s Day is a yearly event, sponsored by two local art groups, Passport to the Arts and the Arts Council. As I walked around, I saw kids and families ever where making art and enjoying themselves. There were puzzle booths, lego booths, and painting booths. I saw booths for making butterflies, booths for face painting (always a favorite with kids) and booths playing music. I enjoyed being a part of this creative and energetic scene.