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E Books Now Available for Children’s Books


All my Oak Tree Press Books are now available for Nook, Kindle and Apple Products (with Kindle App). Go to my web page for ordering ebooks

Clown ft cover 4x4 72dpi

Picture book for Kids under eight. Charlie likes to clown around making the other fish in his tank jealous. They devise a plan to keep him from hogging all the attention but their plan backfires.  

Click on the appropriate link or order from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Oak Tree Press and enjoy.


Earth Day Book and More


Earth Day is coming on April 24 and I have a couple of events schedules.

For the 20th, I’ll be showing children how to make a Garden Book at the Atascadero Library from 3:30 to 4:30, I’ll also be reading my story “Backyard Birds” and we’ll talk about what the kids have in their own gardens, plants and creatures. Because I’ll be doing this session for the San Luis Obispo Botanical Gardens and the Atascadero Library’s Know Your Community day, I’ll also be talking about the Botanical Gardens and passing out their brochures as well as my own brochures. The public is welcome.

garden book


On April 24th, I will be attending the Earth Day Celebration at the Botanical Garden’s booth showing children how to do same the Garden Book. I will highlighting my two children’s books about butterflies published by Oak Tree Press, When Caterpillars Dream and Butterfly Girls. We’ll talk about the importance of butterflies in that they help pollinate plants. We’ll also discuss the necessity of preserving the micro-environments that Monarch Butterflies use to winter over on the Central California Coast and preserving milkweed plan that Monarch caterpillars eat.

The organizers anticipate a big crowd and lots of children. For those on in San Luis Obispo, California the celebration will be held at a county park near the Botanical Gardens on Highway one just north of town across from Cuesta Community College.

cd ft cover 4x4

front cover 2x2