Beryl Reichenberg is a storyteller.  She has written and illustrated over 35 children’s stories. three of which have been published by Oak Tree Press and others by The books published by Oak Tree may be purchased and viewed on Amazon as well as Some of her stories are in verse and some in prose. She has written fiction stories that serve to delight young children and nonfiction books about animals or other cultures which are designed to encourage children to learn about the world around them.

Beryl holds a Master’s Degree from UCLA and has taught school in California, where she currently resides. She encourages you to visit her website at with questions and comments.  She is also on Facebook and Linkedin. She participates on other blogs including “I hope to visit with you on one of these sites.”


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    • India is fascinating full of color, contrasts and friendly people. We visited an elementary school in a small village in northern India. The children took us around to their classrooms which were small and crowded. This was a public school, but all the kids wore uniforms. They were interested in everything we had to tell them and were fascinated when one of our group brought his ipad and showed them pictures of the US. I brought some of my children’s books that I wrote to give to the school and read some of the stories to the students.

      I have visited many schools in my travels to different countries. Kids everywhere seem to be the same: interested in us and the world. In Burma, we visited a school which was larger and had an opportunity to visit several classrooms in session and even teach an English lesson. They always sing us a song; Itsy, Bitsy Spider is a favorite. The children were a delight. I’ll post some images on my WordPess blog of these encounters.

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