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Trip to India

Trip to India

I just returned from my two week trip to northern India. The trip was fabulous and the country fascinating. In the coming days, I’ll be highlighting some of the more exotic sights and experiences and include pictures of our adventures.

For now it is sufficient to say that India is a country of contrasts. The old combined with the new, ancient with the modern. Yes, there are cows on the streets, push carts, elephants, motorcycles, cars, bicycle taxis, and tuck tucks, all crowded onto narrow lanes in studied chaos.


Some Tips for Planning Book Events

Some Tips for Planning Book Events

I have set up a number of my own book signing and marketing events. Here are a few things I have learned that you might try. Most of my events occur outside, so some of these suggestions may not be appropriate for all venues.

l. Buy brightly colored balloons to display outside the event. These create movement and draws attention to the event.

2. I usually have a paper craft available to do at the event. These are something simple that might appeal to all ages, especially children.

3. Don’t rely on the venue to do all the publicity. It is important for the author to do some of their own. Your own news releases, flyers, emails and other forms of publicity will help get the word out about the event. People sometimes need to see the publicity in several places for them to remember.

4. Have a raffle.  People like to turn out at events if they see that they might win a prize. I usually give away one of my children’s books. I have people put their name and phone number on a ticket and ask the store to call the winner a day later to come pick up the prize. That way the prize winner will return to the venue and maybe purchase another book.

5. Have the event in a location where there is likely to be a captive audience. I recently did a signing and demonstration at the Gallery at the Network in downtown San Luis Obispo during Art After Dark, an event the first Friday of each month.  There were plenty of people walking downtown visiting various shops and galleries which meant a good flow of traffic.

6. At some locations, I might have a small grouping of chairs for readings if the venue lends itself to such a grouping.

7. Food is important. For a children’s book event at Whiz Kids Toy Store, we had popcorn, appealing to kids and adults alike.  Food helps to create a festive atmosphere. Even if I am on the street, I have a bowl of candy or cookies.

8. Have an inviting display. At my own events, I usually have stuffed animals on my table, my books in a display rack, a bright table cloth and colorful signs and banners. I like to engage people in conversation as much as possible. I have brochures, business cards, bookmarks, newsletter copies and a clipboard to gather email addresses on your table.

9. If on the street, remain standing and talk to people. Don’t sit at the table and look bored. Be lively and engage potential buyers in conversation.

Now it is your turn. Please share your suggestions about what works or doesn’t work for you at your events.

Publishing, Writing and Kid Lit

Publishing, Writing and Kid Lit

What issues should an author consider in working with a traditional publisher vs. self-publishing? How important is it to work with an editor? What should you consider when choosing a cover or fonts for your children’s book? What are some of the other issues that may arise if you also illustrate your own stories? How important is it for parents to find time in their busy day to read to their children?

To see my answers to these and other questions, drop by Earl Robert’s website at Read his article as he weaves together a discussion of many of the issues we all face when writing children’s books along with information about my background, writing process and publishing experiences. Earl combines his article with a video and description of my latest picture books, including my newly published book, Clowning Around. He also provides the URLs where my books may be purchased.

Earl and I have exchanged comments from time to time over the past year on Linkedin. I have always found his comments insightful. A true professional, he is generous with his expertise. I am delighted to have this spot on his website.

November Events


November Events.I will be participating in the following events in November:

    November 2 – Butterfly Sanctuary in Pismo Beach from 10 to 2. I’ll be demonstrating and teaching folding accordion books to be used by children to draw and write information about Monarch butterflies.

    November 9 – At the Curious Cup Bookstore in Carpinteria, I’ll be participating in their grand opening at their new location at 5285 Carpinteria Ave from 11 am to 3 pm. I will be teaching a class in accordion book folding and demonstrating. 

    November 30 – At the Curious Cup Bookstore, I’l be participating in their book sale event. Hours to be announced.

    Drop by either location and say Hi.  Beryl