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Interview, video and much more

Interview, video and much more

How do I go about writing my children’s picture books? What are the inspirations for my stories? What tips do I have for those who self-publish? What has been my experience with publishing with a publisher and self-publishing? Where can you find my books on the web? These questions and much more are answered on Earl Robert’s website as he interviews me. Visit http://countryessays.com/booksahead/?p=479 for the full interview, a video and URLs where my books may be purchased.

Earl and I have exchanged comments from time to time over the past year on Linkedin. He is is a moderator of a children’s book group, Treasure Island. I have always found his comments insightful and illuminating. He is a true professional and generous with his expertise. I am delighted to have this spot on his website.


Deb Hockenberry Joins the Fun with a Guest Post




YAY! I did it. I guess by now you’ve heard that my picture book is being published by 4RV Publishing. Okay, that’s great news for me but now what? I know I have to market and promote my book but exactly how do I do that?

First, it’s important to have an web presence. Start a blog, a website, or both. If you want to do both, Weebly is a very good webhost. You’ll find this at http://www.weebly.com. It’s a WYSIWYG website and that makes it very friendly for a non – techie person like myself. They also give you the choice of using HTML if you prefer. They let you have unlimited pages in your site so you set up a blog among your pages. They also let you post videos and audio files. I’m finding out in my research that posting videos on your website is just as important as the website itself!

Read books about promoting your book. They give you good advice. I know that there are people out there who say discouraging things about them like, “These books are a year or two old. They’re outdated.” Nothing is further from the truth. Now, I have some good news! I’ve been reading two other marketing books. One is called EIGHT HOURS TO JUMP START YOU CAREER, THE EIGHT HOUR SERIES by Tammie Clarke Gibbs. The other is THE FRUGAL BOOK PROMOTER by Carolyn Howard – Johnson. Both have excellent advice and are available in both print and Kindle formats on amazon.com.

I have to stop here and let you know that these two books have nothing to do with marketing and promoting children’s books but I think this is just fine. They’re both about promoting the book which is my goal. The emphasis in Ms. Clarke’s book is on ebooks written for adults.  Ms. Howard – Johnson’s book is about marketing and promoting all books in general before and after publication. As with Ms. Gibbs book, I’m using Ms. Howard – Johnson’s suggestions to promote my children’s book. The point here is that you can take the suggestions from any book about promoting and marketing, tweak them to suit your needs, and use them for your own book. I’ve even garnered a few ideas of my own from reading them!

Both books emphasize the importance of social networking sites like Facebook, Goodreads, Google +, Shelfari, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Author’s Den and others. Both books emphasize joining groups that are similar to your book and being active in them. They also state that you should start your author pages on these sites. Unfortunately, a lot of these sites require your book to be listed on Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com. However, Facebook will let you. I’ve been advised that the sooner you create one there, the better. So, I did. I have everything up there but a picture of the book cover. Heck, I even have a few posts up now!

We all know how social networking sites are constantly popping up on the ever changing Internet. We all have to do our own work to seek these sites out. There’s no getting around this at all! I can’t finish this paragraph without mentioning the ning groups. These are groups within groups and they cover every subject imaginable including every aspect of writing there is. One of these groups is called BOOK MARKETING. You might want to check this group out. I’ve listed the URL for the group below.

There are many other groups about book promoting on the other social networking sites too. I advise that you join these. You will get so many ideas and good suggestions from the other members about marketing your book! No matter what social networking site you’re on, just search for ‘book promoting’ or ‘book marketing.’

There are some good marketing blogs out there too. I’d advise you to subscribe to these since they offer up – to – date and fantastic advice! I’ve listed some of these below as well.

So, get yourself a web presence so you talk about your book. Start a blog, a website, or both. This is so important! Read those marketing books and form your own ideas. Join the many different social networking sites, get to know the people, and let them know you!



Deb Hockenberry


More Information about Deb

Deb has always wanted to write for children. She loved making up stories and telling them to her younger brothers, sisters, and neighborhood friends. If no – one was around, she told them to her pets – and she still does!

Finally, she decided the time had come to write these stories down. But she knew that in order to do it properly, she needed to study. So, Deb took two courses in writing for children from the Institute of Children’s Literature. She also belongs to the ongoing children’s literature workshop called The CBI Clubhouse as well as S.C.B.W.I. They are always such fun!

Deb was born in Pennsylvania. When she was in her early teens her family moved to a special place in Central Pennsylvania. She enjoys living there, particularly watching the mountains. There’s always something to see!

Deb especially likes watching the mountains wake up after a cold dreary winter. She enjoys watching the pale green leaf buds popping out on the trees and slowly changing into bright green leaves. She especially loves the fall when the trees change their colors. Then the mountains are dotted with the most colorful reds, yellows, and oranges you ever saw!

When she’s not writing Deb enjoys reading and reviewing books, watching movies, television and doing crafts.

You can learn more about Deb by visiting her

website at http://www.debhockenberry.com, The Bumpy Road To Writing For Children (blog): http://thebumpyroadtopublishing.blogspot.com or on her facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Author-Deb-Hockenberry/234986433292961?ref=hl or on twitter @storiesfan.



How You Can Write and Publish Your Own Children’s Book


Children’s book author Beryl Reichenberg will teach a class for adults on writing children’s stories and the various opportunities for having them published.

 This class will be held at the Curious Cup Bookstore, 929 Linden, Carpinteria on June 1 starting at 11 AM. It is for budding authors as well as parents who wish to learn how to self-publish stories written by their own children. The event is open to the public, but you must pre-register at 805-220-6608. Fee is $10.    

Beryl has been writing and illustrating children’s stories for six years and has six children’s, picture books currently available at the Curious Cup. She has a wealth of experience to share about writing stories, about self-publishing and publishing in general.  She holds a Master’s Degree from UCLA and taught school both in Los Angeles and the San Francisco area. In addition, she is an artist and makes small book forms, as well as other fiber art pieces. For more information visit her website at http://www.berylreichenberg.com.


“Join us and bring your enthusiasm and questions.”